What our customers are saying

Sahara are absolutely beautiful with great coverage and stretch which fits my curves perfectly for a really flattering look…I found them so comfortable I actually forgot I was even wearing them. Highly recommending them to all my friends 🙌

Having never tried period pants, I couldn’t understand the hype. That was until I wore Sahara. Having extremely heavy periods these pants gave me the confidence to go out and go to bed without any embarrassing moments. (If you know you know.)

Natalie was so helpful when I had to buy swimwear for my daughter.

The swimwear is a durable fabric, has a nice cut and fits comfortably under a swim costume. My daughter could continue with her training without any problem.

Taking care of it is very easy and it dries quickly after rinsing.

Definitely the answer for girls who has daily intensive swim training . 

The swim wear was fantastic. She wore them under her regular swimmers and was ok. They are absolutely amazing she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Life saver thank you so much!

Super soft material and very comfortable to wear. Have total confidence wearing Sahara.

I am so overjoyed to have found this local brand in Dubai! At 28 years of age, it has taken me many years to find such a deep and loving respect for my body and its cycle as I have today. I am so grateful to be in a better place with my health now, with a regular monthly cycle and Sahara is the perfect addition to my active regime as a yoga teacher.

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