How Our Period Underwear Works

Wondering how this game-changing product works? It's simpler than you may think.

Our period underwear is designed with four thin layers:

  1. Top Layer: Made from moisture-wicking cotton, this. layer ensures you stay dry by drawing moisture away from your body. This layer helps in preventing any uncomfortable dampness or wet feeling.

  2. Absorbent Layer: Made from a combination of polyester and spandex, it can hold the equivalent of 1-4 pads/tampons worth of liquid. The exact capacity depends on the absorbency level you've chosen. 

  3. Waterproof Layer: Designed to prevent leaks, this layer uses PUL (Polyurethane Laminate Fabric) to create a breathable yet efficient water-resistant barrier.

  4. Bottom Layer: this layer is made from soft bamboo fabric which will feel gentle against your skin, and help keep you feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day. 
Your period doesn't have to be a hassle with our period underwear. This ultra-convenient and environmentally friendly option offers maximum comfort and reliability throughout your menstrual cycle.